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PRAMAC GGW series, the standby gaseous industrial power generators line, is growing:

These new “GGW” models are available in Natural Gas, LPG, or even Dual-Fuel (NG+LPG). Once considered “alternative fuel”, gas is now becoming the preferred fuel choice in many commercial and industrial verticals such as, healthcare, data centers, infrastructures, telecommunications and more.

The recent industry shift from diesel to Natural Gas, facilitated by an abundant and growing supply and a cleaner combustion that meets most strict emissions limits, has supported the choice of gas fuelled generators for many applications that were traditionally limited to diesel technology. While providing the highest reliability for backup power, Natural Gas represent a valuable choice of fuel for all those applications that see a constraint with onsite fuel storage, thus removing the risk of spillages and contaminating leaks of diesel, whilst often allowing an easier permitting in those areas that are more environmentally sensitive.

PRAMAC GGW range is perfectly matching the needs of an evolving market, being suitable for all applications having a variable load profile, requiring a fast starting time as well as low exhaust emissions: when equipped with the three way catalytic converter, PRAMAC Gaseous Generator-Sets produce up to 20% less CO2 than equivalent diesel gensets and emits virtually no particulate matter, representing the GREEN side of energy.

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